In photo: Dr. Rufino E. Mengote, ARD of FAS led his unit in planting pechay and squash.

Women holding multiple roles both in household and in their day jobs are having less or no time taking notes of their health and well-being. Their preoccupation to these responsibilities has made it hard for them to remain well-conditioned to continue juggling all the roles they have including dismantling systemic inequalities which hinder access to economic, social and political opportunities.

In line with this and in the nationwide observance of the celebration of the women’s month, the GAD (Gender and Development) Program of DOST VIII in its aim to enable an environment where employees appreciate and discuss gender-related issues, launched an intervention program which would encourage men and women in the organization to involve themselves in a gardening management activity that would in turn develop consciousness on the importance of nutrition and taking due attention to overall well-being.

The units in the regional office- FAS, TO and RSTL were allocated a certain area where they can plant vegetables including pechay , squash, and okra. There were also fertilizers provided.

The health and nutrition program also aims to develop teamwork, and promote shared responsibility among the employees.