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Medical frontliners from the Visayas State University were given their first shot of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine on March 16, 2021, at the old building of the Western Leyte Provincial Hospital (WLPH) in Baybay City.

The first batch included 9 medical frontliners from the University Services for Health, Emergency, and Rescue (USHER) who availed of the most-awaited vaccination program of the national government.

Another batch of USHER staff was sent to the old WLPH building today, March 17, rounding up the total number of vaccinated VSU medical frontliners to 2 medical doctors, 1 dentist, 7 nurses, and 8 other USHER personnel.

VSU resident physicians Dr. Elwin Jay Yu and Dr. Merry Christ'l T. Guinocor along with university dentist Dr. Maria Belen J. Buzon led the USHER staff in this activity.

The second dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine will soon be administered to all of them within two months, according to Dr. Yu.

Dr. Yu, who currently heads USHER, expressed his gratitude to both local and national governments for prioritizing medical frontliners for the national vaccination program.

“When we battled the COVID-19 pandemic in its first year, we were geared with minimum protection by only using face masks, ensuring social distancing, and frequent hand washing. But now that we are vaccinated, we hope that we may be able to serve our constituents with more efficiency and confidence because we know that we are protected,” VSU chief medical officer said.