Tacloban City, June 8, 2017 --- The Eastern Visayas Regional Health Research Consortium (EVHRDC) was formally established in the year 1994. As the health research and development hub of the region, the consortium has been active in conducting researches and capability building activities. It has become the structure through which PCHRD’s Institutional Development Programs were implemented and became the mechanism to encourage and promote regional health research activities. Since then, the ExeCom and the members of the committees have created guidelines, procedures, and protocols which serve as reference for transactions done and undertaken by the consortium. However, committees and members change from time to time as the consortium expands its activities and adapts to the complex, changing needs of the region.


To develop a common point of reference and stabilize the operations of the consortium in spite of the changing organizational structure of the organization, the EVHRDC ExeCom along with the other committees finally decide to develop a Manual of Operations. The MOP spells out the member agencies, the different committees including its functions, implementing procedures and other pertinent provisions in the conduct of various operations in the consortium. This initiative will enhance smooth and closer coordination among the member institutions.



Hence, a Writeshop on the Development of EVHRDC Manual of Operations have been launched on June 8, 2017 from 8:00am – 5:00pm at the Leyte Park Resort Hotel, Magsaysay Boulevard, Tacloban City to serve the abovementioned purposes.



The said event has featured Dr. Shiela M. Tante, PHSAE who will serve as a consultant in the development of the EVHRDC Manual of Operations. During the workshop, Dr. Tante presented the Metro Manila Health Research and Development Consortium (MMHRDC) MOP which will serve as a guide and basis in crafting the provisions of the EVHRDC MOP. The said model MOP has been officially endorsed by the PCHRD as the as it embeds most of the needed provisions and other procedures relevant to the effective and organized operations of the Consortium. 


The workshop has started on the organization of the Consortium Committees in terms of its Composition, Functions, Policy Statement, Key Result Areas, Performance Indicators and Procedures in carrying out its planned activities and functions. Each committee has been afforded time to brainstorm to finally come up with relevant provisions on the abovementioned areas. As they went through the in-depth discussions, new concerns have arisen which include the capabilities of each committee towards accomplishing the identified tasks based on the description of the functions, appropriate terminology of specific function or area, right alignment of the function to a committee, congruence of the functions to the PNHRS guidelines, among others.  However, all ideas have been acknowledged from each member, then eventually a common ground has been established to come up with the final provisions.  


At the end of the day, the assembly has developed a final template of the EVHRDC MOP which is comprehensive, organized and functional. The said template with specific committee functions and relevant procedures will be proofread and edited by the consultant. Furthermore, the modified output will be presented to the committee chairs again on June 23, 2017 for deliberation and eventually ratification. The body also came up to a realization of outstretching the dissemination of research information not just locally and nationally, but also internationally. The utilization of research outputs recommended by the body is also conceptualized and the goal of encouraging the novice and seasoned researchers to continue doing researches is also given priority.


The entire event was indeed productive as the goals were met and expectations have been achieved.


More Photos during the "Writeshop on the Development of EVHRDC Manual of Operations" are available HERE.