Tacloban City, November 7, 2017 - The Harmonization of the EVHRDC Manual of Operations (MOO) cum ERC, RMC and SOMEC Special meeting was conducted at DOST 8 Conference Room, Palo, Leyte. The activity was participated by the ERC, RMC and SOMEC Chairs and Members. Guests present were Ms. Anicia Catameo, PCHRD RPO and Dr. Ofelia Saniel, PCHRD Consultant.



Participants were able to gain important provisions on Dr. Saniel's presentation of the MMHRDC Manual of Operations. After which, a harmonize of the presented MOO to the EVHRDC Manual of Operations that was made with the assistance of the EVHRDC Consultant, Dr. Sheila Tante.



A Break out session transpired right after the presentation of MOO, as every committee has respective agenda to tackle. As for ERC, two (2) protocols were reviewed as endorsed by RMC during the Sept. 19-21 review, mentoring and coaching activities. Out of the two (2) protocols, the protocol of Dr. Lilibeth Miralles from VSU Alangalang was approved for endorsement to ExeCom. Meanwhile, the RMC also reviewed 2 EVHRDC funded protocols with numbers; 2016-005 of Ms. Ilonah Almanzor and 2015-003 of Dr. Ethel-Pearl Eamiguel.


On the other hand, Mr. Leonido P. Olobia called the meeting to order. He delivered a short recap of the proposals to be reviewed and the amendment of funded protocols for RMC approval. A total of twelve proposals (12) and two (2) protocol amendment to be evaluated by the RMC. However, the chair, Mr. Olobia would want to finalize the Research Management Committee Manual of Operations with consultation to the members of the RMC. As agreed, they reviewed those with proposed amendments in their protocols and rescheduled the technical review of research proposals for funding on Nov. 17, 2017.


Likewise, SOMEC focused on the crafting of the 2018 Work and Financial Plan of which they have identified four major activities to accomplish. ERC and RMC also were able to finalize their 2018 Work and Financial Plan. 


Before the activity ended, ideas where gathered on the finalization of the program for the EVHRDC General Assembly cum 4th Quarter Meeting of the Different Committees.


More Photos during the "EVHRDC Conducts the Harmonization of the Manual of Operations (MOO) and Special Committee Meetings on November 7, 2017" are available HERE.