The Regional Health Research and Development Consortium (RHRDCs) is the structure through which the DOST- Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) Institution Development Programs are implemented, and became the mechanism that encourage and promote health research activities in the regions. Like any other RHRDCs, the Eastern Visayas Health Research and Development Consortium (EVHRDC) is the implementing arm of PCHRD in the realization of health related activities in Eastern Visayas.


As an initiative of PCHRD in tracking the activities of the RHRDCs in the regions, it monitors the monthly performance of the website of RHRDC nationwide. As a result, the EVHRDC got a rating of 91.67% from January to November 2017, and overall rating of 100% for the January to December 2017 rating period. With this, EVHRDC is one of the top six (6) regions, particularly regions 1, 2, 3, 8, 11 and Caraga, who got the first place in the search for Most Active RHRDC Website nationwide.


In connection to this, during the DOST8 Team Building and Yuletide Season Celebration held last December 21, 2017, Mr. Jeffrey P. Hinampas, EVHRDC IT staff was awarded with a Plaque of Recognition for his exemplary and meritorious performance, as the Computer Operator of EVHRDC. The people behind the EVHRDC are proud of achieving such performance in CY 2017, namely, DOHRFO8 Regional Director, Dr. Minerva P. Molon, the ExeCom Chair; DOST8 Regional Director, Engr. Edgardo M. Esperancilla, ExeCom Co-Chair; and members of the ExeCom, Chair and members of ERC, RMC, RIC, SOMEC and CBC Committees are very proud of achieving such award.