A transformative Health Research Consortium in Eastern Visayas. 


To lead in the generation, utilization of knowledge, technology, products & services, in promoting innovations, for the optimal health, and in improving the quality life in Eastern Visayas. 


  • To increase research productivity;
  • To strengthen and sustain collaboration and cooperation among member agencies and stakeholders;
  • To mobilize and complement health research resources;
  • To enhance utilization, protection and commercialization of research products;
  • To strengthen the capability of member institutions in health R&D; 


  • Identify priority regional health research problems;
  • Generate resources for health-related researches consistent with the national and regional research agenda;
  • Establish a system of collaboration and resource sharing in undertaking health researches;
  • Promote the utilization of health research findings;
  • Serve as clearinghouse for all health-related researches; and
  • Develop mechanisms and implement strategies to ensure long-term viability of the EVHRDC.