The EVHRDC shall operate within its organizational framework (Figure 1) through its commitment to attain the mission of providing an enabling environment for health research and development among institutions within the region. At the center of the framework is the research process, from generation of research ideas, to protocol development, research implementation, and finally, research utilization.

These processes are envisioned to occur within a scientific environment that fosters cooperation and collaboration in Eastern Visayas. In all the steps of this process, EVHRDC shall strive to provide assistance to its member institutions and other stakeholders.



The diagram above is divided into two parts, one part is labeled as EVHRDC” which is the source of the research-enabling environment, and the other part is labeled as “General Public” that represents the consortium’s ultimate consumer of all its policies, products and technologies that could be the results of research activities. In the lower part of the “General Public” side, the “Prevailing Health Issues” represents as the main stimulus for the production of “Research Ideas” which are then processed by the Executive Committee, the component committees and the Secretariat, which serves as the coordinating body of the EVHRDC.

The different committees of the EVHRDC are shown to assist the research process in its various phases:

- Protocol development

- Technical and ethical review

- Resource mobilization

- Research project implementation

- Research translation

The intersection of the Executive Committee and the Secretariat with the boxes representing the different committees symbolize their mutualistic relationship. The font sizes represent the primacy of the Executive Committee over the Secretariat and the Committees. When research projects are concluded, they are to be translated into useful policies, products, technologies and information sources for the consumption of the general public, a role of the Research Utilization Committee, whose box above is represented as the “bridge” linking EVHRDC with the general public.

Finally, the committee on Structure, Organization, Monitoring and Evaluation is shown to encompass all component committees that represent its role in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of operations of the EVHRDC.