A. Vision Statement

A transformative Health Research Consortium in Eastern Visayas.


B. Mission Statement 

To lead in the generation and utilization of knowledge, innovation technology, products and services in promoting the optimal health and improving the quality of life of the people in Eastern Visayas.


C. Goals 

  • To increase research productivity align with the priority program
  • To strengthen and sustain collaboration as well as cooperation among member agencies and stakeholders.
  • To mobilize and complement health research resources to generate knowledge and products in health.
  • To enhance utilization, protection and commercialization of research products.
  • To strengthen the capacity of consortium member institutions in health research and development responsive to the health needs of the people in eastern Visayas.
  • To advocate and support the health research culture


D. Motto

 The motto of the EVHRDC is: 

“Enhancing the Need for Health Research and Development”


E. Core Values Statement

To realize the Vision and Mission of the Eastern Visayas Research and Development Consortium (EVHRDC), we, the member institutions of EVHRDC shall pursue the following core values: technical excellence, ethical fortitude, resource sharing, and mutual respect.

Technical Excellence

In all interactions within the consortium, we shall uphold by encouraging each other on the importance of the scientific method of inquiry. Likewise, to ensure that we all use and adhere to internationally accepted standards and metrics of research process, management and reporting of health researches.

Resource Sharing

To employ with utmost effort in sharing time, expertise, funds, information, or skills as requested by fellow member institutions. Also to appropriately and promptly attribute and acknowledge all resources those were made available to us. Moreover, in order to maintain fairness and to minimize conflict, we need to execute legal instruments, such as contracts and memoranda of understanding or agreement, in the pursuit of inter-institutional research collaborations.

Ethical Fortitude.

At all times to respect intellectual property rights in accordance to prevailing laws, with regards to publication, patenting and for non-academic media exposure. We shall not fabricate, falsify, nor plagiarize data and analysis nor plagiarize the work of others. We must declare all possible conflict of interests before the beginning of any research or other research-related activities. We shall make sure to abide by the rules set forth by the Executive Committee of the EVHRDC particularly on how to manage our declared conflicts of interest. We shall practice transparency and accountability at all times, especially in financial reporting and the submission of required deliverables. We shall observe a non-complete policy of one (1) year, upon disengagement from EVHRDC, which shall be applicable to research ideas, results, and personnel.

Mutual Respect

Members should interact with one another with utmost honesty, courtesy, and integrity. Likewise, to uphold actions, words, and deeds accountable to all members of the Consortium. To practice punctuality in all meetings and to submit on time all deliverables requested of upon us. When engaging with other member institutions, to give due consideration to the same if there are concerns related to heavy workload, time deadlines and lack of resources needed for deliverables. Nevertheless, we should strive to provide services requested of us despite difficult circumstances, consistent with stipulations expressed in the EVHRDC Manual of Operations.